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CHD City, NH1
Sector 45 Karnal
Haryana - 132001
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What is KBC?

Well this definitely is not the quiz show where you’ll be answering a lot of questions. It's Karnal’s most prestigious business hub called Karnal Business Centre (KBC). Here you will be asking all the questions and we will be giving the answers. And still you can become a crorepati!

So let's have the questions...

What's so great about this location?

Karnal has always been on the radar of discerning entrepreneurs like you. Approach and connectivity from Delhi is better as compared to other cities of north India located northwards to Delhi, which makes Karnal an ideal place to live and invest.

  • Easy access to both Delhi and Chandigarh by road
  • Situated on the 6 lane Chandigarh expressway
  • Karnal aerodrome is also proposed to become a domestic airport.

The KBC Angle

  • Located within CHD City, direct access from NH1
  • Is an integral part of the complex that houses a shopping mall, hotel, multiplex, villas, residential plots, school, hospital, club etc.
  • A spacious entrance from the shopping mall guarantees foot falls
  • All plots approved by concerned authorities for commercial use
  • Proximity to Ambala, Kurukshetra, Panipat and Yamunanagar business centres.

Will my business do well here?

No matter what your business is, Karnal and CHD City is bound to do wonders for you.

  • No matter what your business is, Karnal and CHD City is bound to do wonders for you.
  • CHD City is going to house over 25,000 residents
  • Proximity to other townships and office spaces by renowned developers, provide KBC a large captive market
  • The industrial centre of the area is a mere 20 minutes drive away
  • Close to national centre for research of agro-based institutes such as NDRI and IARI
  • Haryana has the 2nd highest per capita income in the country
  • Karnal is expanding towards Chandigarh with many malls and 5 star hotels in the pipeline. It’s a very attractive investment proposition for entrepreuners like you
  • Apart from its historical importance, Karnal is one of the key cities of Haryana State
  • Excellent connectivity by rail and road to the adjoining states like Punjab, Himachal, J & K, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and the State capital of Chandigarh
  • The area also boasts of the maximum greenery, which makes it a heaven for residential projects
  • The daily flow of approx more than 1,25,000 vehicles in front of the site (as per NHAI) is an excellent opportunity to attract the rich and affluent inhabitants of Punjab, Chandigarh and Delhi. The site's prime location makes it ideal for brand building, brand awareness and for improving visibility in North India
  • As per Master plan 2021, Sector 45, where CHD City is located, is the only R-Zone in this central location, where one can get licensed commercial area with un-imaginable growth potential

What kind of business can I run here?

With KBC, the only thing that shall limit the business you can run is your imagination. Business establishments, trading houses, banks, insurance companies, educational and training institutes, coaching centres, stationery shops, broking house, property agencies, medical labs, healthcare facilities, chemists… in other words possibly anything that a modern city like Karnal would require, can be your business here.

  • Beauty parlour for the huge number of women in the city who are deprived of good beauty clinics
  • Professional learning centres for air-hostesses, or hospitality or the film industry
  • Fashion boutique for women and men
  • A Shoe Shop for a fitting customer base
  • A Wedding Store to make bonds last forever
  • A Coffee-shop for people to relax
  • Jewellery shop to deck up the women
  • Departmental store to meet with the huge demands of the people
  • Electronics store to provide world-class entertainment
  • Fast food joint to satisfy the taste-buds
  • Music store for making people dance to your tune
  • Mithai shop for people to indulge their sweet tooth
  • A Nursing home to look after health
  • Ideal for professionals like doctors, engineers, architects, stock brokers and chartered accountants
  • There is also a high demand for premium shops and office spaces in this area as it comes under NCRl

Why should I choose a place like Karnal?

  • As per the census 2001, Karnal had an impressive literate population of 67%
  • 2 hours drive from Delhi and Chandigarh
  • Most affordable destination in this very wealthy belt
  • Presence of Defence personnel in and around the place
  • Growing in importance as a retirement destination
  • CHD City has easy access to several local destinations: Karna Lake: 1km, Hospital: 4km,
    Oasis Resorts: 0.5km, Gymkhana Club: 3km, DPS: 1.5km, Haveli: 1.1km
  • Widely acknowledged as an integral part of the future Delhi mega- polis
  • Proximity to Delhi, Sonipat, Panipat and Chandigarh has boomed the real estate market of Karnal to a large extent
  • Low cost of land and houses as compared to Delhi, Sonipat, and Panipat. People working in north Delhi are now viewing Karnal as a potential residential as well as investment opportunity
  • A thriving industrial sector, thanks to the easy availability of skilled and affordable man power
  • It is a rich belt having abundant natural resources like water and tree cover (greenery), which ensures a clean and pollution free-living environment
  • Safety and security to the inhabitants along with provision of high quality education and healthcare facilities are top priorities in the development

Is the project approved?

We, at CHD, do not launch a project without the requisite permissions and licenses from the concerned authorities. CHD City has been duly approved by DTCP, Govt. of Haryana.

Will the project be completed on time?
Yes, the projects would surely be completed on time. CHD has a track record of delivering all their projects on schedule. Till date we have 12 projects that have been completed and delivered on time.

Why are the prices so reasonable?
During the launch period, the project prices have been kept low as compared to other options in the city because we at CHD believe in providing you true value for money and building strong relationships. But, the prices will soon sky rocket as time goes by.

How much do I have to pay before delivery?
Ideally, 100% payment has to be made before possession. One can also opt for convenient easy instalment options from reputed banks and other financial institutions.

Are there any hidden costs/charges?

No, there won't be any hidden charges. We believe in absolute transparency and will charge only what's specified in the price-list.

Will the final price of the project be some something else?
Once a plot is sold according to the company’s price list, there won't be any price- escalation on that said plot. However, the company may raise the price of adjoining plots according to the market rates and the new rate will be reflected on the latest price list.*

Why should one believe all of this?
You don't have to take our word for it. You are welcome to check with any of our satisfied customers about our projects, timely delivery, and quality.

Still have some questions?
We have tried to answer all possible questions you would have about KBC, but then chances are there may be some queries. So please don't hesitate to give us a call. We will be more than happy to answer them.


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